Our producer Steve thinks Jack Dyer in the 1943 Richmond v Essendon Grand Final is the best one with the war time action and the close finish. I think Roy Cazaly and his mates in the 1913 Grand Final for St.Kilda against Fitzroy, with the drama of the last few minutes is definitely my pick of the three. Collingwood and Carlton fans feedback is that the 13 minute highlight package of the bloodiest Grand Final of them all in 1910 with Jock McHale and Dick Lee is the most popular. Whatever any one thinks, these are great stories. Listen to each of the three samples above to see which one you enjoy and on our contact page we would love to hear why. You can read great stories, but immersing yourself back in time, listening to the roar of the crowd, the stats of the game, the drama, the goals, and the champions of the past being brought back to life for you to enjoy. It is all here. And like any great stories, the more you listen the more you will see what really happened. Click on each sample above to hear parts of three of the greatest football stories, in a way that has never been told before.
Mark Tenny
The Australian Football Theatre Company
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Story telling is what The Australian Football Theatre Company is about. And the last few minutes of the 1913 VFL Grand Final between St.Kilda and Fitzroy is a dramatic story that had to be told. Roy Cazaly (Up There...) and his Saints mates Wels Eicke, Vic Cumberland and Dave McNamara battling Fitzroy in this epic and drama filled  Grand Final, which we have recreated "live". It is one of those games where you listen to a tense footy game on the radio where nothing else matters in your life, other than listening to find out what the final outcome is. Sample part of the drama by clicking on the above sample link.  Click on the buy now link to purchase the 9 minute and 59 second dramatic last minutes of the 1913 St.Kilda v Fitzroy Grand Final.

The story of the bloodiest Grand Final of all time? Is this where the Carlton v Collingwood rivalry began in this 1910 Collingwood v Carlton Grand Final thriller? Jock McHale in the thick of it. Dick Lee taking hangars and scoring goals. A crowd invasion not happy with the on field thuggery. Carlton decimated by suspensions of star players due to taking bribes to cheat. We have recreated a 13 minute and 10 second highlight package of the 1910 VFL Collingwood v Carlton Grand Final so you can relive the drama and history of this famous battle. It is like you are there! Click on the sample link above to listen to a part of the game. Then click the buy now link for a great story you can listen to over and over again. 

Dick Reynolds Essendon team is leading "Captain Blood" Jack Dyer's Richmond team by 5 points at 3/4 time of the 1943 VFL Grand Final. What happens next is a story that had to told. Highlights of the last quarter that will keep you on the edge of your seat in a nail biting, tense match, that saw multiple lead changes throughout the day. 7 goals each to Bombers Tom Reynolds and Tigers Dick Harris and a war time tribute. A brilliant listen. "Captain Blood" at his brilliant best. Click on the above link to hear Captain Blood at his best. Then click buy now to relive Jack Dyer, Dick Reynolds and their team mates in one of the greatest Grand Finals of all time, forever


1939 VFL Second Semi Final Melbourne v Collingwood

Collingwood's Ron Todd kicked his 100th goal in the 1939 Second Semi Final against a red hot Melbourne which included Melbourne greats Fred "Checker" Hughes, Allan La Fontaine, Norm Smith, Ron Barassi Sr,Jack Mueller, Percy Beames, Keith Truscott and Ron Baggott. Collingwood's Collier brothers, 1939 Brownlow Medallist Marcus Whelan, Des Fothergill, Phonse Kyne, Jack Regan and Ron Todd create a game that was to remember for many reasons.
                                                Audio commentary coming soon for this game.

When AFL Grand Final Day comes around each year, we rightly see images of Swans player Leo Barry's match saving mark, Dermott Brereton's courage for the Hawks, Brendon Goddard's mark or Stephen Milne's wayward bounce of the ball for the Saints in the drawn Grand Final, or West Coast's Dom Sheed slotting that goal through to give Collingwood fans even more misery. Being a big Saints fan, I was reading about the 1913 Grand Final between the Saints and Fitzroy and if the last two minutes had turned out differently for the Saints, their Grand Final success would be re-written in a more favorable light.

The drama of the last few minutes. The missed goal. The coaches reactions. The drama of if only that player was playing. Why couldn't the Saints sort their off  field issues out then the result would have been so different!!! And the Legends or stars of the past.


Remarkably St.Kilda had four players from their 1913 Grand Final team that were inducted by the AFL in 1996 as a Legend or placed into the AFL Hall of Fame. An astonishing result. Roy Cazaly, in his first year of league football played in the 1913 Grand Final and in 1996 was inducted as a Legend of the AFL. 1913 Grand Final teammates Wels Eicke and Vic Cumberland were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996. Eicke debuted for the Saints as a 15 year old and won three Saints Best and Fairests and like Cazaly, captained the Saints. Unlike Cazaly, Eicke won his last best and fairest as captain and coach. Cumberland was 43 when he played his last game for the Saints. 


And Dave McNamara was the fourth Saint from this era nominated in 1996 as a Hall of Famer. McNamara was on the bench as an assistant coach as he and the Saints could not sort out a clearance issue. If he was playing, the Saints would have won!!!!! McNamara was the Saints leading goalkicker for four seasons and captain for two seasons and coached the Saints for 50 games.

And that is when I got thinking. How can I tell this story? There is no vision or radio commentary of games pretty much before 1960. And that is when I thought, could I remake the last few minutes of the 1913 Grand Final in the same way that a close game on the radio is riveting listening where you are on the edge of your seat, it feels like you are there, with the commentators painting a picture in your mind so you are "watching the radio commentary live." 

And if this Saints team had a story, I was sure the stories of other club legends would be worth telling as well. Jack Dyer, Dick Reynolds, Bill Hutchison, Dick Lee, Percy Beames, Allan La Fontaine, Fred Fanning  the Collier and Coventry brothers, Jock McHale, Phonse Kyne, Bob Pratt, Haydn Bunton Senior, ......so many stories, so many famous games that you now have the opportunity to "see"!


I hope you enjoying listening to them as much as I have loved making them.

Mark Tenny

The Australian Football Theatre Company.

AFL Club member since 1993.